We are specialists in Programme Management for Digital Transformation and Bring Your Own Device implementations. Otacon has twenty five years of industry experience helping financial institutions add value to their business and increase employee productivity with leading edge solutions in highly regulated global markets.  Our expertise is available at all project stages, providing support with strategy, innovation, planning and execution.


More and more businesses are moving away from corporate owned and financed mobile devices such as BlackBerry and moving to the BYOD model.  BYOD empowers employees providing them with access to secure business applications and email from their own personal device of choice.
Moving to BYOD can seem a relatively straight forward process, and can be, if everything has been considered in advance and is part of the program plan.  However, it is easy to underestimate the work required, particularly with the program terms and conditions on a global scale.  In addition, providing reimbursement requires market research and due diligence with local tax authorities to avoid the firm receiving a hefty tax bill in the future.  Planning ahead is also important as a robust governance model is required for existing and new BYOD apps.  These are only a few items that require thought and planning and this is where Otacon can assist with providing expert advice to lead your firm to a successful BYOD implementation.